In collaboration with specialists, including English teachers, methodologists, IT experts, and visually impaired individuals, we have created an accessible e-learning zone. This platform facilitates the easy use of materials for remote English language learning.

On our website, www.kursy.strefai.org.pl/, we have placed three original English language courses at A2, B1, and B2 levels, as well as 30 grammatical and lexical lessons. The accessible e-learning zone makes the language learning process easier and more accessible to all students. Our platform offers original online courses that allow for comfortable learning at your own pace and in your free time. Regardless of your level of English or preferred learning method, our interactive lessons and practical tasks will help everyone achieve their educational goals.

During our project, “An accessible e-learning zone,” we created a series of promotional videos that show how to use our material database, as well as tutorials that are helpful in this regard. These are particularly useful for blind people. On the subpage platforma.strefai.org.pl/, we have placed a total of 15 tutorials that explain the use of our database step by step. The videos can be used by both fully-sighted (7 videos) and blind learners who use screen readers (8 videos). The topics of the videos include logging in, registering on a webpage, selecting a course, and saving your progress. Thanks to these, users of our platform are not left alone but are supported with reliable information. On the same webpage, instructions on how to use our platform are available in a PDF file.

In addition to the tutorials, in cooperation with lecturers and participants of our previous project, “Skilled  Online Tutors,” we recorded two promotional videos. Natalia and Krzysztof, our English language teachers, show and tell us how their work looks from the perspective of using the accessible e-learning zone.
The next step in promoting our project was a paid advertisement placed on the Facebook profile of the Innovation Zone Foundation and the profile of the accessible e-learning zone. We created slogans and ad graphics for English teachers, lecturers, learners, job seekers, software engineers, IT specialists, and those interested in new technologies. We established contact with the Human and Economic Academy in Warsaw during the project on English language learning. We have an English language tutor for the academy’s students. We also participate in adapting documents for the needs of visually impaired people. We use our database of materials in the process of learning English. The accessible documents will allow students to fill in applications and understand the content of regulations and other educational content. This is an important step towards building social education, where every student, regardless of his – or their needs, has the opportunity for success. We invite you to our Accessible e-learning zone. Let’s learn together! Homepage “Accessible e-learning zone” (strefai.org.pl)

Direct link to our platform: www.kursy.strefai.org.pl/

The project is implemented with the support of the Active Citizens Fund—National Program, which is carried out in cooperation with Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway under the EEA Funds.

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