The project ‘Lektorzy Sprawni Online’ is a new project of Fundacja Strefa Innowacji conducted from October 2021 to September 2023 and financed bythe Active Citizens Fund – National programme using funds from the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism.

The purpose of the project ‘Lektorzy Sprawni Online’ is to support English teachers with visual disabilities by developing their qualifications while working online. They will have an opportunity to use functional and accessible tools during their work. They will also have an opportunity to get the knowledge of how to work remotely.

Based upon the new solutions, the teachers will run a series of the English language courses. In cooperation with a chosen group of people with visual disabilities, we will make an electronic database of materials tailored-made to meet special needs of teachers as well as learners with visual disabilities, which will include 3 mini-courses and 30 lessons of grammar and lexical content.

Moreover, there will be held a series of training courses in computer science, methodology, and soft skills development, in order to help the participants to gain the knowledge on how to use the new tools and follow the trends in teaching online.
A group of English teachers will be enrolled to conduct online courses of the English language for the people from some groups threatened by social exclusion. The recipients of the project will be the teachers of the English language with visual disabilities from all over Poland.
During the project the participants will work in the crosslinking groups. Thanks to the additional functionalities of the database, they will have an opportunity to exchange the materials prepared by themselves. Furthermore, the outcomes of the project will be the tools and materials for teaching blind as well as partially sighted individuals used during online English courses.
Thanks to taking part in the project, the teachers-participants will develop their qualifications and gain higher experience in running the English lessons remotely. They will also have an opportunity to share their new skills in their local communities by supporting others who are in need, as well as being active on the labour market.

Link to the article: Fundacja Strefa Innowacji – the project for English teachers with visual disabilities | EPALE (europa.eu)