Among the activities concluding the “Lektorzy Sprawni Online” project, a survey was conducted among English teachers with visual disabilities – the participants of the project. The purpose of the survey was to find out their satisfaction with taking part in the project. The results of the survey were then presented during our conference titled “Successes and challenges of the participants of the “Lektorzy Sprawni Online” project”, which took place on September 21st, 2023 online.

Most of those who were surveyed (77%) were women. Half of the respondents work as teachers of the English language.
Firstly, we wondered to what extent the didactical materials which were made by our team could help them in their future work. Almost 80% of the teachers claimed that the materials would be helpful to a great or quite a great extent. When it comes to the work with the Moodle platform, the majority of the respondents (65%) said that this platform fulfilled their expectations largely or fairly. The majority of those asked were also satisfied with the training provided during the project. Over 70% of them claimed that the training helped them in preparing to work as a teacher. The networking meetings were assessed in a similar way. Most of the teachers said that the lessons conducted by them during the project will support them in an effective way in their future work.

Another question referred to the social situation of the participants of our project. The teachers confirmed that the social situation of half of them had changed for the better. The financial situation of the participants had also changed.to a great and quite a great extent (45% and 35% of the answers, respectively). It means that the new possibilities of work opened to them, and they had received new contracts. The participants also declared that the project influenced positively the people from groups threatened by social exclusion and helped to implement the new methods of working with them.

On analysing the responses to the survey questions, it can be confirmed that participation in the “Lektorzy Sprawni Online” project brought many possibilities to English teachers with visual disabilities. Taking part in the project not only equipped them with a variety of tools useful for their future work but also contributed to acquiring valuable skills needed both in the labour market as well as in social life, which leads to the improvement in their economic and social situation.

The “Lektorzy Sprawni Online” project is financed by the Active Citizens – National Fund programme, financed by Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway under the EOG funds.
The purpose of the project was to support the blind and partially-sighted teachers of the English language in conducting language classes online. The participants took part in the training sessions on e-learning, methodology, as well as the development of soft competencies. They run classes of the English language course based on the tailor-made electronic didactic materials prepared on the Moodle platform.

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